Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Living on the Edge

It's never easy living on the edge. Literally and metaphorically I think that is what I have been doing since the beginning of the year. I never feel settled in one place. When I am at Namaus I miss my KK home and wish I could be with my family. When I am in KK sometimes I can't wait until I get back to Namaus because thats where my ministry is and my spiritual family lives. As part of the community unless one invests one's time and effort it is never going to work. Today after Chapel I met with my third year students, returned their papers and gave them back their grades. I met with almost 30 of them with a few being excused as they had duties elsewhere.  I had already announced that they would be given time to share or ask me anything as for most of them that would be the last opportunity before they graduate next Saturday.
 I am glad a few asked that they stayed in touch with me and soon they will be my colleagues in ministry as fellow pastors and full time workers. It's been great being part of their lives, living in close community and communion. If I spend Sunday with my students it means that 6 days a week except on Saturday we would worship together and listen to God's Word under one roof. As I dine with my students in the dining hall it makes it more intense as from time to time, a student or students will join me for meals and we would share many things. Normally the students have personal and theological questions. Like today I spent two and a half hours with my 3rd year students. Many of them took the opportunity and I am glad that they opened up and shared their burdens and concerns. I prayed for a few of  them and pleaded God's blessings on them.

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