Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Love is a Brand of Madness

I don't normally read the The Bible Speaks Today series but Tom Gledhill's commentary on the Song of Songs is one of the best I have read on the love poem thus far. Gledhill's comments on SS 3:1-5 are quite inspired: "The girl is our Song takes the initiative to resolve the impasse of uncertainty. To live too long on uncertainty is debilitating, and needs as far as is possible a stroke of initiative to resolve it. The girl's initiative here is irrational. But love is a brand of madness. Not that it just makes us do irrational things, but love is a madness of the soul. It so disorients our senses and minds, that all else is carried before in its flood. Its tide is unstoppable, its fire unquenchable (8:6-7). The onset of love, of 'being in love' is entering a whole new dimension of existence. The lovers feel as though they had never lived at all before they met each other" (p. 146).

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