Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Two Days After

I am still recovering from the exertions over the week-end. It was one of the longest weekends I ever had, secluded in my room on Friday and Saturday, doing practically nothing but preparing for my Sunday sermon. Normally every Friday and Saturday if I don't go down to KK, I would have gone to Ranau just for a breather, enjoy coffee or walk about the weekly Saturday tamu. But last Friday and Saturday I remained in Namaus as in a war zone preparing to do battle against the forces of darkness arrayed against the saints. I preached one of the most powerful messages yet for 85 minutes and then made an altar call where about 25 students responded which is one third of the College community present that day. When I saw the time had past 11am (8.30am start), I called on the Chaplain to help me pray for those who came forward.
Many lives were touched with God's presence felt. We sang the worship song again with singers helping me, Yesus padaMu kuberseru (Jesus to You I call). We closed by singing a song of joy, Sungai sukacitamu mengalir dalam ku (The river of Your joy flows in me). There was great joy for those who responded to God's Word on Sunday being the beginning of the high Sabbath, the Feast of Tabernacles. We are into the third day this sunset and last night's full moon called a supermoon was glorious over Namaus. It was a brightly lit sky with the large moon dominating the sky.

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