Saturday, February 10, 2018

Running Errands and Theological Curriculum

The week before the Lunar New Year is always the busiest time of the year. Traffic seems to double and everywhere is a crawl. I managed to service my pick up late Thursday. I will probably do some shopping before heading back to Ranau. I have three more classes to teach before the New Year and I hope I can be back in time to KK for the reunion dinner. My mother is arriving in KK today and she will be here for 2 weeks. In between these errands I am writing notes on my MacBookAir and I have Origen’s On First Principles with me all the time. Malaysians are generally not readers. Either they are staring blankly at the walls or looking down on their handphones.
So sad a nation can only advance if they read and that is why the West still rules the World and 90 percent of the top 50 universities are from the West. Sometimes I don’t know how to bring my students to another level. For that they have to read English well. English has been taught as a subject on and off and I started it again early last year. But now it is only one hour a week and you can’t learn much within that short time. Then Greek is only given 2 hours no wonder even after one year they are none the wiser. Praise God since I came on board NT books are being taught. Amazing that it has not been taught for a long time. Just Pauline theology in general before this. At least now they will learn John’s Gospel in Year 2, Romans in Year 3 and Hebrews in Year 4. This second semester if I am still around I may offer the book of Revelation instead of Hebrews.

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