Thursday, February 22, 2018

Which Family?

I have been juggling with two families. My family here in Kota Kinabalu and my family in Ranau. My family in Ranau is the College community in general and my home group in particular. In fact, the home group is my direct charge should anything issue arise the lecturer in charge of the group will be told first. But as Chaplain I am looked upon as the pastor of the College so in a way the best way to shepherd the flock is regard them as my family in love and devotion just as we do so to our natural family members. Perhaps more so because they are my brothers and sisters in Christ bound by the love of the Spirit with God as the Father of us all.
When I shared with a sister, a former student who is now a pastor a little about my family (they saw in my status updates) she said she felt small and insignificant. In the eyes of the world, the rich, wealthy and powerful seem so sure and full of themselves. They are the tycoons, politicians, businessmen and businesswomen and professionals. For the lowly, they live if not day by day kias pagi makan pagi kias petang makan petang it is month to month because they don't have much savings in their accounts. Recently I lectured on the rights of the native community in Sabah as per the Federal Constitution and asked how many of them had opened savings accounts especially reserved for bumiputeras or the natives of Malaysia. Only two hands went up and many did not even know such a facility existed and if they knew they would not have much money to invest. I told them why not start with RM50 and put small amounts monthly or yearly and see how compound interest works for them. I mix with the locals, the natives and the lowly as James says that it is honourable to associate with the lowly and humble for it is the rich who oppress you and deprive you of your wages (James 2:5-6; 5:3-5).

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