Thursday, March 1, 2018

Three Strikes

I don’t have lectures tomorrow which means I could ask for another day’s leave and I would have gotten a long weekend in Kota Kinabalu. But I wanted to celebrate Lunar New Year with my student home group tonight and with my colleagues at Faculty Tea break tomorrow. Further it is a new month and a new theme for Chapel’s services, I needed to explain the theme I chose for March from Daniel 12:4 “knowledge shall increase”. At the end of my 24-hour Singapore trip I managed to bring 9 books with me, 7 from my collection at a local Seminary and two I bought from Takashimaya bookstore. As Proverbs says “buy the truth and sell it not..”.
Sad to say reading and research do not take roots when finances are down when you are worried about your next meal the last thing to think about are books. But this afternoon it was especially tough going back to Ranau. That’s why I call it three strikes. First, heavy traffic with lorries blocking the one way road. Second, it rained for about an hour and third it came with thick fog from Tamparuli hills to Mount Kinabalu. I am having dinner now in Ranau before heading back to College to lead my home group where I shall be preaching and it is a good way to start the new month.

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