Thursday, March 29, 2018

Passover is Here

This morning at Borneo Theological Seminary we are celebrating Passover. So quickly we have moved along to the end of March, a quarter of the year is gone.  Passover is a spring festival in Israel where grains of barley are harvested (Ruth). It is the beginning of the harvest seasons followed by wheat at Pentecost fifty days after Passover and at the Feast of Tabernacles grapes and olives. It is also called the Feast of ingathering, spritually speaking a harvesting of souls and maturing of the church at the end times.
Today I will do nothing except the opening prayer but I have arranged for everything for the service. Remember me Lord for the good that I have done for Your house. Every lecturer plays a part in reading, Lord's communion and the Rector (principal) will be preaching.  We hope to finish by 930am so that we can continue our lessons for the day before breaking for the Good Friday weekend.

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