Saturday, March 3, 2018

24 Hours

One of my favourite dramas was 24 or 24 hours, a drama of the life and exploits of a secret agent. As for God’s servants, we are also supposed to do exploits for they who know their God will do exploits (Daniel). Thus in exactly 24 hours I accomplished what I wanted to do at College and drove back to KK. Not that I enjoyed another ardous drive in the rain and mist but I must meet a friend who contacted me from England and he will be in KK for a fortnight. I thought I meet him today because for the next three weekends in a row I shall be occupied.
Next Saturday we are holding a Ground breaking ceremony for the College’s next academic block and I shall be preaching next Sunday as well. Then on 17th March I shall be conducting a 10 hour course on Reformation History for our long distance theological programme at Kota Belud followed by two consecutive End time seminars until Good Friday. Hopefully in April I shall be less busy but often the schedule is not under my complete control especially the extension programme off Campus. In fact even this Sunday my colleague asked me to replace him at Chapel’s service but I thought showing hospitality to my friend from England is only proper since I was shown great hospitality by my friends in Singapore. It will be a busy 24 hours because after tomorrow service I am driving back to College for a night meeting of students with families.

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