Friday, March 9, 2018

Earthquake in Ranau (Again)

I was just getting ready to shower when the 5.2 earthquake struck at 9.06pm. I felt the walls shook for 3 or 4 seconds and then the floor shook and swayed for 2 or 3 seconds. These few seconds of tremors managed to grab our attention and caused us to pray and asked God what was happening. Perhaps we had gotten too complacent and so busy with so many things. Tomorrow we have a big do at College ground breaking (no pun intended) ceremony and God can shatter the earth anytime. One colleague was so scared that she thought Jesus was returning to earth. If only that were true Come Lord Jesus come. But these are just the signs of birth pangs, worse things will happen before Jesus returns. In about half an hour after the quake I was told that the student tasked to preach at Chapel this morning could not do so due to illness and I immediately decided to speak to address what the Lord may be saying to the College community.
I rose to the pulpit at 8.07am this morning and spoke for exactly 15 minutes. I told the College community that the Lord was showing us grace just before embarking on a building project that we experienced this tremor to warn us that we should at least strengthen the building structure in case a bigger earthquake strikes in the future. After living for more than half a century in the land below the wind as an earthquake-free land I have now experienced three strong tremors measuring 5 Richter scale and above. About 150 climbers rushed down the mountain overnight as the epicentre was just north of Mount Kinabalu. My youngest brother cancelled his climb next month and it was God’s grace that it happened before his trip. For the first time my brother asked me to pray for him and prayed I did and God answered last night.

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