Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Ready for War

I am enjoying teaching Early Church History. Finally I felt my specialty and interests besides biblical studies are being whetted. I love the Church fathers. They are my heroes. They fought against wild beasts and false prophets and they won the martyrs’ crown. They struggled against ungodliness and lukewarmness and they brought great revivals and spiritual refreshments. They were at war against fleshly lusts and most lived in relative poverty and scarcity and yet they triumphed. In some small measures I feel my past 3 years plus have been a struggle against many things. Against natural elements of heat and cold. Against village lifestyle that I am unaccustomed to. Against racial and social prejudice. Serving in a foreign culture and among the tribes. In more ways than one Singapore was more than a natural home for me, among people of the same race and educational attainments.
There was hardly jealousy among colleagues and we hold our heads high with humble hearts. We are experts in our own fields and we have respect for one another. The only hiccup I experienced in my 6 years time in Singapore was when my Greek class had about 40 students and only 2 enrolled for Hebrew. It was when there was a choice for biblical languages and none was compulsory for a while. Now I struggle against many things. Against constant travels up and down the mountains. Against earthquakes and aftershocks. Against hostel food but it is often made sweet because of the fellowship with students. By eating with  them I can sense their spiritual states and minister to them more effectively in class and in Chapel. Soon my season of warfare in preaching and teaching will commence. More travels. Last March I went deep into the interior at Salarom Taka and fell ill. I waited 3 hours in a faraway village clinic for a few panadols. But thanks be to God since then I have been in the pink of health in these past 12 months. I did not even suffer from running nose or any discomfort except for a sore knee which took more than 1 month to heal. Time catches on. Soldiers retire at 40 or 45 but in my mid 50s I am still soldiering on, only for the Lord, fighting the Lord’s battles and triumphing in His Name.

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