Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Teaching & Preaching

I missed Chapel today. It could be my second time missing morning Chapel in more than 2 years. Last night I taught a class until 9.45pm and stopped by at a colleague’s place to have supper. When I reached home at 10.15pm I found that the tap water restored after almost 5 days without tap water since the earthquake struck Ranau. There was a massive crack in the water pipe nearby and it took 5 days for the Water Dept to fix it. This morning I taught my third 3-hour block class from yesterday. Preaching on Sunday also took a lot of my energy as the Chapel with only zinc roof without ceiling was boiling hot by 10am.
After a short rest this afternoon I went to inspect the male hostel for cracks reported before the earthquake and now there are more cracks appearing. I don’t know whether it will withstand a 6 Richter scale tremor if it strikes near us. Tough times for all round. But still many choose to see things as normal and business as usual. Just like the Noah’s generation warned of the flood never took heed until it was too late. “judgment begins in the house of the Lord” and if the righteous are scarcely saved where can the wicked hide? I will probably go down to KK on Thursday and drive to KB early Saturday for the day long course on Reformation History. If I drive from Ranau to KB it will be 2 hours and energy lost for the journey could hardly be regained in an instant if one has to teach for 7 hours during the day.

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