Thursday, March 22, 2018

End-Time Seminar

This College break has gone passed too quickly.  Tomorrow is my last day off before heading to the mountains to conduct an End time seminar on Saturday. It will be an 90 mins drive up the mountain just before reaching the foot of Mount Kinabalu. I hope to get there by 8.30 am to start off my 5 session seminar that will go on to 5pm. I managed to get the organisers to cancel the night meeting with the carrot that I would be preaching on Sunday. I remember this place well when more than 20 years ago they had asked me to preach times in 9 services over the Friday to Sunday revival meetings. I was in my early 30s then and generally the spiritual condition of the church was much more fervent compared to what I could see in the last 10 years. I finished marking my 31 sets of exams papers and book reviews for my Revelation course taught at the end of January and as usual there are still 5 or 6 students who submitted their assignments late and I have to be gracious until end of March to get everything done. One Masters essay took almost 7 months to get to me and I graded it as failed. What a shame. I remember failing an MTh thesis in Singapore and that created a ripple of crisis but I saw that as a fundamental principle of personal and academic integrity when one is offering academic qualifications be it at certificate level or Masters. Spending more time at home this week means more time with my wife. It has been tough living apart mostly though people think it is just an 2,5 hours drive away. When one has done it 100 times one would appreciate the long and tiring journeys. Perhaps a little cross I bear for the Lord's sake. Yesterday in our pastors' group there was a request for Bible teachers in an interior village some 3 hours drive from Ranau. The pastor there said 90% of the secondary students are Christians. If the call came 20 years I might even visit the place and see how I could help but in my 50s, it is best to stick to towns and villages in the vicinity and let the younger ones do the hard work for as Scripture says the glory of youth is their strength.

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