Thursday, February 8, 2018

Teaching Anointing

For the past fortnight I struggled with many things. But one thing was certain for the teaching and preaching anointing. I preached one of the more powerful messages last Sunday in Chapel and taught three classes of 3 hours each within 36 hours in order to return to KK today to run some errands for CNY. One thing is certain that is the teaching anointing. Whatever heartache I felt was somewhat alleviated by my students.
After a week away at KK teaching Revelation I stepped into my Early Church History and one student exclaimed, “Teacher we have been waiting for you” as if I have been away for ages. They were ready to learn and I was ready to teach. After 50 years of College’s existence now they have a doctor in their midst. My two closest friends advised me to hang on if only by a thread. Seperti telur Di hujung tanduk. But even my two other classes I felt the teaching anointing flowed much more compared to last year’s teaching. Perhaps the Lord is telling me something...but I need to hear his still small voice.

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