Thursday, February 15, 2018

Time & Books

God willing, my books may be on their way home after 44 months in Singapore. It is close to the Danielic period of 1,335 days (Dan 12:12) after I moved my books to another Seminary in Singapore for safe keeping when my future is up in air. Not that my future is anymore certain now but I think it is time for my books to come home if I can call Sabah home. The books have been away too long and like my own children I miss them terribly enough for me to make a day trip to Singapore to see whether I can bring them home with me in the near future. Time is of the essence. If Daniel’s 1335 is an extension of time from 1150 days to 1290 days and then finally 1335 days, God’s time shall not be extended further. As in the days of the 7th trumpet’s 🎺 sound, time shall be no more (Rev 10:6-7).
Perhaps God is giving Israel and the world a chance to repent because He desires no one to perish but to come to the knowledge of salvation in truth. But God’s mercy has its limits as Noah’s ark was open for another 7 days when the waters began to rise giving Noah’s generation one last chance to be saved before ultimate destruction. Whatever happens to my ministry in the next phase if all my books are with me I can spend time in peace writing. I could not even find time since the start of the year to edit my first draft on John 1-10 but I hope during the mid Semester break I can find a couple of weeks to revise it for publication. Books, o books whither your home?

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