Saturday, June 30, 2018

55 Club

Yesterday one of my closest friends at Secondary school celebrated his 55th birthday. So our class group all wished him happy birthday and not a few welcomed him to the 55 Club. But I am one year younger than my contemporaries and this has been the story of my life, at least the first part of my adult life, I have always been younger than my fellow professionals and church leaders. When I first opened my law firm I was only 24 years old. When I was elected Treasurer general of the denomination I was 31 years old. When I was church pastor of my KK church I was only 38 years old while most of my elders are in their late 40s or 50s. But in the 2nd half of my life the reverse could hold true like Moses. Joseph and David were 30 years old when they achieved prominence. I am 54 and not only am I the lowest ranked lecturer but compelled to go into obscurity at the end of the year.
I believe in the resurection from the dead though my chances for advancement are as good as dead but God can raise up a pauper or orphan and put him on the throne. Soon I will end my ministry in Ranau. It has been a great 3 1/2 years thus far and by year's end I would have completed 4 years. When chips are down you know who your true friends are. People tend to side with those in power and it is quite understandable. I have a few who got in touch with me and commiserated with me. My cell group most of whom are students and one staff with her family did not know what to do or say but I told them to move on and not dwell long on my impending departure.

55 club in Malaysia is a major milestone because one can access employees provident fund if only if you have some savings. In all my years as pastor it was only a few hundred ringgit a month and if it lasts for 2 years all is well and good though one would want to think it will go on for 20 years. Aging is a long process. After retirement it could be 20 or 30 or even 40 years before one meets his Maker. But it is my Lord who says even to your grey hairs I will take care of you and that is sufficient for me.

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