Monday, June 25, 2018

Confluence of Circumstances

Now that I am not a pastor when I am not preaching I can attend any of the 600 SIB churches in Sabah. If one is not honoured in one church one can go to another. We are not here to seek honour but if God’s servants are not honoured neither can their ministry prosper in the church. Even prophets serve with honour for Jesus says prophets are not without honour except in their own country and their own relatives and their own house. Yesterday I received great honour in a church some 30 minutes from KK. First time there in 19 years as the Chairman told the congregation that I was the preacher for the 1st anniversary of the church and yesterday we celebrated its 20th. In his stirring speech he gave an outline of my sermon 19 years ago which I remembered nought.
I was asked to cut the cake twice with the guest of honour who was preacher for the day and I felt embarrassed as I felt I received more honour since I was just attending and had no invitation let alone any role in its dual celebration along with Father’s Day. I received three gifts and there was a love gift given in front of the congregation which was truly remarkable as I don’t remember ever being given love gift when I did not have some official role either as preacher or HQ leader. It tops my expectations as only on Saturday I wanted to buy a coffee mug and socks and I got them both as gifts. Behold the love of the Father for his children who depend on Him. If someone asked me about my future like yesterday I would tell them to pray for me as this would be my final semester at College. I can’t see myself driving for 3 hours to and fro every week up and down mountainous and winding terrains. It is for the young and the bold. I may be bold as a lion but I am no longer young. I need half a day to recuperate from each journey and 4 years up in Ranau are plentiful and these are seasons of my life among the Dusuns of Sabah.

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