Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Urban or Rural

I need to have a set of wheels to travel. Or a good car. The sun shone brightly this morning as I left the house at 8am to return to Ranau after an overnight delay. I am stopping at Tamparuli for breakfast and relax as much as I can before resuming my journey. It is a test of endurance more mental than physical. When the spiritual is right mental and physical stress is bearable but I have increasing doubts that the Lord wants me to do this for long. There is no more Spirit within the wheels and soon I will change for a city car rather a pickup heavy and made for off road terrains. Having tried rural ministry for 4 years it is time to return to the city.
Over a wedding reception saated next to Sabahan who now domiciled in West Malaysia he mentioned that he noticed many changes in KK since he last visited a few years ago. As a local one hardly notices changes but there are quite a few including many hotels, restaurants and convention centres. I may just rent a room in one of these centrally located venues and start a church, the Lord’s church in two languages, English service Saturday evening and Sunday morning BM service. But God’s grace it will take a year or two but I am pretty certain in a thriving city like Kota Kinabalu we have much room to grow and expand.

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