Friday, June 29, 2018

Total Surprise

Life is full of surprises. It was totally unexpected. I announced my imminent departure from the College from the pulpit yesterday after having preached a fiery sermon, sat down and rose up to respond to some comments made which led to the announcement. By night fall we had a cell group meeting in my College residence and I felt a great budern lifted. In fact for the first time during yesterday lunch I asked a student to give me a second helping of rice as my appetite returned. When a burden of 2 years is lifted, shoulders felt light and there is a spring in the steps. Even today's drive back to KK was a breeze knowing that it is just a matter of months now instead of agonising that I might be stuck in a place of barrenness for years.
Departure is the right word. For the past few days I have been meditating on Ezekiel's wheels within wheels and that enigmatic verse that says the spirit is within the wheels (Ezek 1:20). And yesterday when I was preparing for my cell group sermon I read Ezek 10 and it was full of cherubim and wheels. GOD'S glory departed from the Temple due to the people's sins. I felt as if let out of prison and at last there is light at the end of the tunnel. It has been a long and dreary 24 months months and counting. It is time to obey God rather than men. If one dares to cast out the net as Jesus commands there will be plenty of fish, plenty of souls for Jesus and plenty of disciples for His Word.

Now our numbers at College had fallen below 60 in all.  Three more 1st year students left at the end of the first Semester. One new student came in at the start of the 2nd Semester and left after 4 days, He is a retiree and before he left I managed to share with him why in my view proper family quarters are the priority at College. One can't expect an 60 year old to get up in the mddie of the night and walk 30 or 40 metres to the lavatory. But if there is any further contribution I can make it won't be as a lecturer next year. I will still teach whenever called upon - there are 600 churches throughout the State with 300 without pastors. One church pleaded with me last week and asked me to come to minister to them on Sunday and I will be driving for 2 hours from KK early Sunday morning  to reach the place by 9am. I will write my books. John's Gospel has another 11 chapters of commentary and interpretation to write and the first 10 chapters have to be edited and reworked. I might not be engaged by men next year but like Elijah God will use many ways and His people to care for His servants in times of spiritual apostasy and darkness. 

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