Monday, June 18, 2018

Small Village Church

The Pastors’ Conference had ended on Saturday and now I am back in Ranau. Yesterday I preached in a little church near Kiulu, Tamparuli where only 20 adults gathered. I preached a full message like usual from Phil 3:1-11 and drops of sweats fell for at least 30 minutes of my sermon. It was so hot in the pulpit that the elder later apologised that there was no fan over the pulpit and that only one ceiling fan at the centre of the little church. Anyhow I enjoyed the breakfast and lunch fellowship very much and it is good not to neglect small churches that could not afford love gifts.
I was not given anything in return and it is good for the soul from time to time we serve for free. But the sumptuous lunch was a way to show hospitality. Each family brings a dish and one elder caught an iguana and we had lizard meat for lunch besides many local delicacies. I spoke to them about the need to accept all races in our midst. Village folks with their enclosed surroundings could sometimes be xenophobic. I told them it is time to put aside disrimination based on race and treat everyone as equal as brothers and sisters in Christ. God shows no favouritism says James. This Semester break had been longer than usual and there was not much done except that I travelled often for ministry - back to Ranau on Pentecost Sunday, Keningau and Kota Belud. I look forward to meeting my students in class.

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