Sunday, November 4, 2018

6 Days

It is now less than a week before I leave my place of ministry and enter a new phase of life and ministry. For the 5th time I turned down an offer to preach in a Christmas service. Whatever it is I sense December will be a busy time for me and it is good to take a break from active ministry. Today I thought I was to rest from preaching but preach I did in a village about 40 mins from College.
For the 3rd time in recent weeks I had to engage for my 4wheel drive and put into low gear as the roads are terrible. I preached from Exodus 23 and taught about 5 or 6 Christian principles. The village church was almost packed with about 150 people. Together with the children the church has more than 250 members. I did not realize that it was 12.20pm when I made my last point. The service started at 10.15am but the first 45 mins were given to songs testimonies, announcements and praise and worship only commenced at 11am and I mounted to preach at 11.35am. But then some children were restless and their parents had a hard time controlling them. I joked that they should start the service earlier. It was pouring cats and dogs when I was about to end my message. I took it as a sign from heaven I had spoken enough and almost abruptly ended. The noise was getting unbearable with lashes of rain hitting the zinc roof of the church. And now after about 40mins rest I drove to Ranau township for afternoon tea. The power at College is cut off and I am awaiting news that it is restored before heading back into the edge of wilderness. Like John he had lived in the wilderness but he had to enter into civilization to make his message heard. Jesus was a man of the world who drank with sinners and danced with the people. It is time for me to take God's gospel of His kingdom to the world.

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