Friday, November 16, 2018

Ready to Go

After almost a complete 3-day rest on returning to KK last Sunday night I am ready to go. First, to clean up my TRITON and then shop for new tires perhaps highway tires as I don’t see the need of all terrain tires that are more suited to off-road. I may still go for the occasional off road trips but I reckon in 2019 90 percent of my travel will be on paved roads. As the AGM is just one week away I have been getting texts, mostly supportive, well wishes and prayers all round. But getting over the line is humanly impossible but I believe in a God of all possibilities and that nothing is impossible with God. Lord I am the least of Your servants and if You so please to use Your servant as You know best since You are the one who calls and equips me for the task.
In the interim I will thank up a proposal for a paper that I may present next July at the Society of Biblical Literature International Meeting in Rome. There must be a last minute change of venue and country as the last I saw was in Bangalore India. This may be added incentive as I have planned to travel to Europe for some time and next year could be it. There are many biblical sites in Rome including Paul’s imprisonment there, the arch of Titus where the picture of menorah taken into captivity at the fall of Jerusalem in 70AD and others. Further it will be 3 years since I presented papers at an academic conference and it is important for me to keep my research skills alive and utilise my PhD. For next 7 days, besides writing this paper proposal for SBL I will be staying home most of the time praying and seeking God’s will for the upcoming AGM.

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