Thursday, November 1, 2018

Farewell (1)

Tonight I shall be hosting my family group at College in what is going to be a first of several farewells. It will be only for my members and one student who celebrates his birthday today. Just after 36 hours in KK running a few errands including renewing my car insurance for my two cars due middle of the month, I drove back to Ranau at noon. I also picked up farewell gifts and most will get a notebook diary which I bought from Scripture Union, a Christian bookshop in KK. I also made a T shirt for a special guest next Monday which will be my 2nd farewell also with my homegroup perhaps a few of the Student leaders as well.
Tonight one member reminded us to wear our Group T shirt for a photo taking session with our "Grace" name at the back of our shirts. Why did I name my group "Grace" this year? It is simply by the grace of God that I could do what I do. As they say statistics don't lie. I have run more than 60,000kms in less than 4 years. This may not be much as KK to Ranau is just about 100 kms away. If 10,000 kms are taken for city travel, then I have done 50,000 kms on rural roads. If only KK to Ranau then I have logged 250 return trips but the figure should be closed to 200 return trips as the rest of the miles are done in interior ministry near and far. But what do you say on a farewell? I missed preaching at Chapel last Sunday due to my omgoing recovery from flu, so instead tonight I will give my farewell speech like Paul having completed 3 years, he gave a speech at Miletus to the Ephesian leaders. I shall talk about the greatest commandment - love and the requirements for effective leadership.

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