Sunday, October 28, 2018

Sunday Travel

I have always tried to avoid Sunday travel whether by road or flight. This morning a revelation came that Sunday travel could be an act of worship. Not that we intentionally miss Sunday services but there are times circumstances compel us to travel on a Sunday. When I was in Singapore three weeks ago I also travelled on a Sunday. I actually planned to stay in Johor Bahru but my hosts kindly offered accommodation for all the three days we were in Singapore. The original plan was to worship in JB either in an SIB or Presbyterian church. I had spoken twice in one of the biggest Presbyterian churches in JB and I thought of visiting them again.
But having stayed in Singapore on Saturday night and my flight leaving for KK from JB Sunday afternoon I had to leave Singapore by 10am at the latest to give myself 4 hours to make it to Senai Airport some 35kms from JB city. Just past 9am my friend texted me and offered to take me to the Airport. At first I was most reluctant to accept the offer because it was going to be a long drive from Singapore but my arms and back hurting a little due to carrying bags across the causeway from JB to Singapore a couple of days earlier I accepted the offer and my friend was at TTC doorsteps in 30mins. I ponder much over his act of kindness together with wife and the journey was so smooth and we arrived at the Airport in just about an hour all the way from Singapore crossing two Immigration checkpoints in Tuas.

For the last two days in Singapore I met with many church leaders where the dinner was attended by more than 1000 people with the Deputy Prime Minister as the guest of honour. At my former College also I met numerous past colleagues and students but all just made small talk but my friend showed his love by action driving me and my wife from one country to another. The parable of Jesus about the Good Samaritan came to mind. The priest (theology Professors) and Levite (pastors) were all too busy to help someone in need but a Samaritan came along, treated the wounded man, put him up in an inn and promise to pay for his stay should it be prolonged. Who is my neighbor? Who has shown love? How often times the Professors of the Bible and church leaders have no time to love (how ironic) since loving your neighbour coupled with the love for God is the greatest commandment. But ordinary folks, common people, and the theological illiterate (book or degree wise) but defiantly theological literate in God’s sight because they showed love and acted like God and his Christ.

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