Thursday, October 25, 2018

Return & Recuperation

One of the folklores of our missionary beginnings is how Trevor White (Pendeta Asang) returned to England to recuperate for almost a year after his release from Japanese incarceration before returning to Borneo to resume his missionary endeavours after the 2nd World War. I returned to my Homebase for 3 days to recuperate from a slight flu and now fully recovered I plan to return to my mission field at Namaus. I have just over a fortnight before graduation. On Saturday night I plan to oversee the rehearsal for the convocation service - two songs before the sermon and one after when the collection is taken. It has to be supervised because everything is timed and must go according to the flow. I was told that only the organ  or keyboard is used so I have to find songs suitable for the occasion.
My good friend in KK could not believe I preached four times over last weekend and drove more than 250kms to and fro on long winding and one way roads. I guess like before it was the heat and cold that got me and made me sick. Namaus was extremely cold on Sunday night and Monday as well. The difference of more than 15 degrees is hard to adapt. Easily 37 degree Celsius during the day night temperatures could fall to 18 degrees or colder. Normally I am very careful to make sure I keep myself warm during the night but I supposed with tiredness the immune system is weak and flu attacked. But praise be to God that I am well now to resume my spiritual warfare for Jesus. With days counting down as busy as I am now after graduation I will have a complete rest and then the AGM beckons.

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