Sunday, October 21, 2018

The End of Preaching Tour

I ended my preaching tour of Sabah today. I had been to the North (Kudat), South (Kemabong) and East (Telupid). At Telupid I spent a long weekend preaching 4 sessions from Friday night to Sunday morning with another session of Q&A in between. Just before I finished preaching yesterday morning  the electricity was cut off and for the next 2.5 hours I had to minister in the heat going through my sermon and another one and a half hours of answeing more than 20 questions on the End time. I love this quiet little township of Telupid where the people are very friendly. Yesterday I had fried bananas for free and today I actually had to tell the vendor not to give me too much of the same. But as I travelled alone I felt a sense of loneliness except the times when church leaders brought me for meals and the exciting times in church.
I prayed for almost 80 youths this morning as I called for the under 30 years old to come forward and stand for Christ based on the passage of Rev 14:1-5. I spoke about singing a new song and testified that the Lord gave me many songs. One elder later came forward and introduced to me a professional singer and told me that I should record my songs in an album. The previous night he encouraged me to write and publish books. There are just too few leaders like that who love to read and positive about the young people and their gifting in the Lord.

I am generally pleased with my preaching and it had clearly made an impact on many. The whole church came forward to shake my hands at the end of today’s service and 7 or 8 members were waiting near my car to give me the produce of the land including fresh meat, fruits and rice. The generosity of the church members overwhelmed me. I think I have enough rice supply for the next 6 months. Amazingly in every session the members paid close attention. Not even power outage put them off and everyone stayed behind to noon over 1.5 hours of Q&A. I am much encouraged to preach again in this church which I visited 21 years ago. Most of the young people were not even born then and their parents were youths but some had become grandparents. It is so important to minister to the next generation that will take the church into the End times and may I see the fulfilment of God’s Word in my generation.

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