Saturday, October 6, 2018

God's Providence

My time in Singapore is limited. I prayed often times to the Lord before my trip that I would meet the right people especially God's servants who can potentially partner with me in Christian ministry. Since my arrival on Thursday I experienced God's providence one after another. I went out to dinner late at about 9pm and bumped into my former colleague who is going to take over the reins of leadership of the College soon.
We were good friends and went out for lunches in my last year in Singapore and although not having met for over 4 years we renewed our fellowship in the Lord and it happened that we walked back to the College in sweet communion. I asked him, "What is your vision for the College?" and we parted ways promising to pray for one another. He is 10 years younger than me and about to lead one of the most influential Colleges in the region. Yesterday I sat besides a Methodist pastor who had links with SIB and we chatted about the ministry in the interior of Sarawak. Over lunch I talked with an Indian Methodist minister who was facing crucial decisions for his future and I shared with him how the Lord led me in the critical junctures of my life. I did not tell him within weeks I would again venture into the unknown.

The 70th anniversary dinner last night was grand. The Deputy PM of Singapore graced the occasion and the highlight of his speech was the mention of my alma mater Otago University as one of the three world class institutions with which TTC had forged links. My good friend, an Anglican vicar who waited for me in my hotel when I visited Singapore 2.5 years ago greeted me. In God's providence a TTC lecturer sat next to me and we conversed over many things theology and ministry for nearly 3 hours. In the bus going to the banquet I sat next to a Burmese Bishop and he was much interested in my ministry which he called "ethnic minorities" of the land. I invited him to Sabah and he also welcomed me to visit Myanmar. I mentioned two of my Burmese students whom he knew and one of them is a lecturer in a Bible College. Several of my former TTC students either individually or in groups took photos with me. This morning I wanted to go to the City Centre but feeling tired I returned to the College where I am being hosted for 3 days and coincidentally we are staying in the apartment which was my home during my 6-year sojourn in Singapore. One former colleague joked, "Welcome home!"

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