Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court?

I am writing in direct response to an NY Times article that the FBI might close their investigation on Wednesday (Thursday Malaysian time) and the Senate may vote on Friday for the confirmation of the Supreme Court nominee. If I were a Senator I would vote “no” to Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination. I just find his testimony last week over the top and compared to Basley Ford’s calm and respectful demeanour I would think Ford’s behaviour is much more suited to be a judge. I do not know the truth or veracity of the sexual assault allegations but if candour and facial expression count for anything I believe in Basley Ford over Kavanaugh.
For a start one should not condemn a person for life what he had done when he was 17 years old. By all accounts except one unproven allegation in 1998, Kavanaugh’s reputation was unsullied in the past 25 years of his adult life especially as a federal judge of the Court of Appeal circuit. But lying about his drunken behaviour (numerous Yale classmates testified to Kavanaugh’s drinking habit) and his overall aggression and belligerence towards the Democratic senators who questioned him put a big question mark over his qualifications as a Judge who is supposed to be truthful, impartial, objective, fair and respectful to all litigants, plaintiffs and the accused. Judge Kavanaugh failed on all accounts. His resistance to a further FBI probe also raises the questions over what is there to hide. However, from the Republicans’ perspectives this inquiry could have taken place much earlier if Basley Ford’s allegations had been released sooner. No doubt much politics is at play in any Senate confirmation hearings but if there is anything against the nominee it is that he failed miserably to prove that he has the temperance, cool and level-headedness, impartiality and respect to all concerned to qualify him to be a judge of any court let alone an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

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