Friday, October 12, 2018

The Noble Plan Noble Things (Isaiah 32:8)

I preached in the Chapel this morning for 25 mins, 5 mins longer than allowed but as lectures had ended we did not need to rush to end the Chapel service. It was the fourth time in 3 days that I had spoken the Word of God. I knew I was going to be busy after I returned from Singapore but this stretch of ministry takes a lot out of me. Last night I preached for 30 mins on Luke 22 where Judas betrayed Jesus for money and how the chief priests and scribes plotted to kill Jesus. Second, I spoke about how Jesus took care of all Passover preparations and we don't need to need to worry what's next for us in life and ministry because the Lord takes care of it all. It was a loving home fellowship with about 20 people present. This morning I preached about leadership based on Isaiah 32:1-8 passage. At the last few minutes I jumped to verse 8 and spoke about the need for planning.
The noble plan noble things and by noble deeds they will stand. How often we fail to plan and as the saying goes failing to plan means planning to fail. I testified of how my former College invited me 5 months earlier before the anniversary event while our own College had only about 3 days' notice before our anniversary was celebrated. I testified how we could learn to welcome guests that involved little costs. TTC did not only put my name on the apartment where we stayed for 3 days but also prepared a basket of bananas, oranges and apples with two packets of biscuits with tea and coffee offerings. Little details like these need planning. I mentioned how if we want all our 600 churches to be pastored it is not enough to have 20 or even 30 students to enter training but 50 or 60 or 70 a year.  Almost 300 of our churches do not have pastors. As it is a noble thing to plan to train pastors and a noble thing to fill up pastoral vacancies it is only noble to plan ahead and that is one key ingredient of effective leadership. It must have touched many hearts because after the sermon 7 or 8 students came to me and thanked me. Normally I get 2 or 3 appreciation but this morning was different.

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