Saturday, October 13, 2018

Eldership Seminar

It is part of my job, travelling alone. I drove for almost 2 hours from Keningau to Kemabong via Tenom before reaching the venue at 7.55am just as my session was about to start at 8am. I was encouraged by the number of participants as this place is remote but many eldership candidates came from far. I lectured forthwith for 2 hours on our denomination’s Constitution with a 10min break in between and I gave opportunity for questions twice and also at the end of my lectures for another 30 mins. When the denomination is statewide in an area 100 times larger than Singapore and roads not half as good it is not easy to hold every district or every church together with the rules and regulations so that everyone especially leaders are on the same page. This is the second time I was involved in this kind of seminar to prepare candidates for ordination as elders.
But in the midst of friends and people one can only feel the warmth of fellowship. A number of senior leaders greeted me and we reminisced on our dealings 20 years ago. After my 2 hour session another speaker took the podium and he spent only about 40 minutes speaking and thankfully another 40 minutes of Q & A. I contributed several times more to the discussion as my experience as senior pastor, chairman of a local church and District Superintendent as well as a term as Treasurer General helped to answer some issues that arose in recent times. Then after lunch I drove another 2 hours back to Keningau this time non stop as on my way to the Semianr I had stopped in Tenom for breakfast. I reached Keningau at 3pm, totally spent and rested until 5pm. Now I am preparing for tomorrow’s sermon and there will be more driving alone back to KK after the service.

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