Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Good health & Energy

The work I do is the work of young men - driving alone for hours on end and preaching four long sessions in revival meetings. By the time I arrived back in Namaus it was close to 80 hours on the road, in and out of meetings, resting briefly in hotels and preparing for the next session. I did that for three years non stop when I was in my early 30s. Now more than 20 years I am still doing it but at a much relaxed schedule but no less punishing for me. These past two weeks have seen me covered close to 1,000 kms back and forth and thanks be to God for good health.
I did not even have a cold since March 2017 but now I am feeling the onset of flu. My throat is sore and it could be due to constant speaking not only preaching but Q &A session took a lot out of me. One reward is the love of the members. They appreciated my messages and with their beautiful smiles all round it made me feel energised throughout. But energy is the stuff of youth. During my teenage years I could play sports Monday to Friday under the hot sun. Going to war is the stuff of young men in their teens and 20s. By the time you are 30s you are either in an office or barking our orders but no longer in the front line. The kind of ministry I do is front line. Not just the environment in villages or small townships but the relentless driving and intense ministry sessions can knock out anyone without a clear focus and commitment to the cause. I will be happy to take early retirement if it is God’s will, but if it is His will for me to go on doing what I have been doing then God will renew my strength like the eagle’s and cause me to walk in high places and my feet to jump over walls.

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