Wednesday, October 17, 2018

On the 3rd Day

It is the third day since I returned from Kemabong and Keningau. I only spent three hours on the podium over 2 days but after 3 days I can’t say I am well rested. Today I spent a whole day reading and commenting on a 70 page BTheol thesis on the Shema. I am glad that I insisted that the length is limited to 70 pages or 20,000 words. That’s already a minor dissertation for my postgrad Diploma in Theology at Otago though we could go up to 25,000 words. Tomorrow I am travelling back to the College.

The thought of driving for 2.5 hours up the mountain on winding and twisting roads is not something to look forward to. 20 years ago my friend already recommended a driver. I have prayed for a personal assistant for a long time. Sometimes even getting my notes and PowerPoint up is an effort and it will a bonus to have someone design beautiful PowerPoint slides suited for each subject and seminar. Design is an important part of my life perhaps being left handed I have always been interested in creative designs. I commented several times that the design of the theme of the month in Chapel is not near as good compared to a couple of years ago.

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