Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Journeying the Journeys

I had this sense of foreboding and deep sadness when I journeyed back to my College this morning after a 3-day trip to Singapore. “He who increases knowledge increases sorrows” (Eccle 1:17). because one knows many things could be done better or greater things achieved for God’s glory. The journeying itself is a task, a cross that I bear willingly and at times unwillingly but pursuing God’s will in my life has led me to remote places. How else would my students learn the Bible from one trained and speak their language well? If one is not skillful in Scripture the blade is blunt and the Sword of the Spirit does not cut deep.
And I have 4 or 5 return trips to the College before I call it a day. It is almost a month from the graduation. Journeying is made light when you drive with friends. But 99percent of the times I drive alone with only music keeping me company. Today for a change I listened to TTC choir 70th anniversary CD. Usually I listened to songs sent by friends downloaded to my handphone music app. But journeying is part of my calling. Having made up my mind to serve in Sabah especially among the tribal peoples of the land I know I have to drive a lot and on occasions on muddy and gravel roads. If journeying is following after Christ then so be it because where Christ is there his disciples will be.

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