Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Divine Coincidence

I thought my job is over when I preached my 4th session in Telupid 2 weeks ago. Little did I know that the past 5 days have been one hectic period for me. Starting last Thursday until today I was totally occupied. I preached last Thursday at my College homegroup just hours upon returning from KK. Then on Friday I met with students for my Eschatology class. The grades were given them earlier but some came to see me about their papers and exams. I also submitted grades for the several extension courses I taught earlier in the year but essays still came to my desk after 7 months. On Saturday knowing that it could be my last free Saturday I travelled one last time into the interior farther than I had ever gone before, only that I was driven this time and had another student for company.
We visited Kaingaran the last and 35th SIB District. Wow I had done the lot since 1994. On the way there I visited a pastor in Sinurai a former student and then also on the way back, another SIB church in Mokodou. Another former student is the children's ministry coordinator but she was not around when we stopped by. We also had the opportunity to walk half way across the longest hanging bridge in Malinsau across Sugud river. Then we made a detour to Tibabar first SIB district I visited as a member in 1991. Just before 3pm we had arrived back at College. Our round trip across 4 SIB Districts took us about 7 hours. But with the company of 2 students I was not tired at all. Now I know for sure I need someone to drive along with me and I might still have the energy to travel for the next 15 years, God willing.

On Sunday I preached in a church about 1 hour's drive away but it was very tiring because I got to preach only at 11.40pm and I stopped at 12.20pm when rain fell. I even half joked we needed to start Sunday service earlier.

Yesterday in the morning I read a thesis on Moses' leadership by a student from Miruru village. As we were preparing for our final farewell I went to Ranau to buy a roast duck and chicken. The member of Parliament for Ranau would be our guest of honour. By 6pm we were all ready to welcome the YB (Yang Berhormat) the honourable Ranau member of Parliament. At 6.45pm he arrived and we rejoiced at his coming. The meal started at 7pm and the service at 7.30. The YB preached from Psalm 1. One thing he mentioned that stuck with me now after almost 24 hours. He said he prayed for God's guidance for his political involvement in a church in Sinurai then he mentioned Mokodou and just before he left after coffee and cake he shared with us a vision in Miruru. The YB had no idea that these were the places I visited just a couple of days ago. Is that divine coincidence? Lord what are you saying to your servant?

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