Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Restive & Restless

This morning before the Muslim prayers I already gotten up and by 5.45am I drove at dawn across town to the East for early breakfast. I reached there at 6.10am and the shop was only ready to serve at 6.30am. I enjoyed driving around KK last couple of days. I shopped for my pick up tyres but have not come to a firm decision what brand to buy. If it could last 3 or more years I should be happy as in the past 4 years I already changed tyres twice due to the severe conditions of up and down mountains and gravel roads. KK is a beautiful city when the traffic is less as today is a public holiday. But this afternoon I got a bit restless as an elder called and asked me about the forthcoming AGM.
As for me, service or ministry unto the Lord is not about positions or posts but certain positions do afford one with more opportunity to impact the denomination as a whole. I don’t mind being hidden somewhere far away in the next 3 years like Paul was in Arabia for that duration of time before his Galatian ministry. Since I serve God and not man I will follow and obey the Lord’s leading. What had already proved true is the Genesis 32 promise when I was still in Singapore that He would deal well with me in my homeland. Not least being free of indebtedness in everything at 54 years old is something to shout about but all praise and glory to God who is faithful and He is able to do what He has promised. Fulfill your promise to your servant O Lord.

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