Friday, November 9, 2018

The Last Day

In less than 24 hours this present phase of ministry will end and another begins. While the present age remains we persist in doing what we are doing. On Wednesday I attended an elders committee meeting where we vetted 34 candidates’ essays and approved their ordination. It took us over 3 hours of solid work. I returned home tired yesterday and the LXX came to rescue with the verse “my soul is drowsy with exhaustion.” (Psalm 118LXX; MT 119).
It reminded me on the 2nd day after my exertions in Telupid 3 weeks ago, having preached 4 times in a row and answered questions for 90 mins I actually felt drowsy one early morning and had to sleep it off to recover my energy. The problem for the past 4 years is that after recovering from exhaustion I will have to drive again and hopefully today will be my last time to Ranau in my current capacity. I never say never but that is it. 60,000kms in mostly rural roads with more than 50 villages visited. Together with my 70 trips in my early 30s, I have made at least 120 trips into interior villages and ministered the Word of God. Tonight I will stop over in Kundasang for the graduation dinner at Perkasa Hotel. This is the first time in 4 years we are holding it in a hotel, a first for me. Tomorrow I return to Pekan Ranau church for graduation where I was informed of my posting 4 years ago. I will end where I had started.

Yesterday I banked in a sum of money for the renovation of a church in the East Coast of Sabah, first time a church is started in this town just north of Tawau. During our farewell home group the Ranau MP was kind to grace the occasion and he participated in the giving of our offering for this new church. I called out to my friend in a check out counter and he said, “Christmas shopping yea?” It will be rest over Christmas for me and only God knows what will happen next year.

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