Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Excitement & Hope

I have started the New Year with a dose of excitement. I sang on top of my voice when I drove to the city centre for lunch with a friend. The New Year’s Eve service at my home church threw up an awkward moment. Just 15 minutes before 12 midnight I was called upon to lead prayers for the Bible College. I reluctantly went forward and announced to about 100 members gathered there that I was no longer with the College and therefore not worthy to represent the College in prayers.
If I had prayed I think a few people would not be too pleased. As the Chairman of the board of governors was also present I asked him to come forward to pray for the College. At least now most of my church leaders knew I was leaving the College for good. The irony is that my excitement for 2019 has to do with scholarship. A few days ago I managed to write a paper proposal for the Rome conference in early July. I wrote 450 words but tomorrow I will work to reduce it to 300 words as per the requirements. I was excited as I spent 3 hours typing out my proposal on the prophet Ezekiel. Ezekiel is undoubtedly my favourite prophet. I spent almost 2 weeks during mid Dec over the Christmas season shut up in my house like Ezekiel did. I also ate the bread of God’s Word every morning like the prince in Ezekiel 44:3. As long as I know God is with me who can be against me? I know the plans that God has for me are good as He has dealt well with me in the past 4 years, He will continue to do so in 2019.

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