Monday, January 21, 2019

Preaching Invitations

I can’t get a third of the Districts to vote for me in an election but at least two thirds of them are open to my ministry of God’s Word. Perhaps I am not a politician but I am God’s messenger to speak the word of the Lord to whomever wishes to listen. In the past week I received three different invitations to preach from three different districts all spread out in Sabah. Two of them requires that I drive for more than 4 hours into the interior and one is just less than 2 hours from Kota Kinabalu. I turned down two invitations already on the ground that I may be appointed church pastor soon and can’t move around so easily especially on the weekend. Then a third invitation came this evening and I was going to respond like the other two with a “no thanks” but as I tried to type a reply I sensed a check in my spirit that perhaps the Lord does want me to continue preaching from place to place without being tied to a local church.
A friend just texted me “you are a freelancer like the knight of old and go where you are needed”. Wow Lord are you speaking to me? I will take a day or two to respond to the third invitation. I know where my primary gifts lie..the first Sunday in 2019 I preached and half the church came forward with little prompting from me but by the Holy Ghost. Many repented and refreshed that day by God’s presence. One former Singaporean student wrote to me last year and said after I had gone for 4 years from Singapore she still remembered well how through my preaching God’s presence was mediated. About three years ago I went back to Singapore for the first time and I met by chance in a Mall one former colleague at TTC, the only person who testified in TTC Chapel that he wept when he listened to me preached at the Chapel. Imagine out of 5.5 million Singaporean residents what are the chances of meeting the only colleague who had shown great respect to God’s Word? I need to pray. One senior pastor told me that it is tough to be tied to one church. In Malay “kena ikat Di tiang Gereja” or tied to a church pole meaning not free to move beyond the four corners of the church.

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