Monday, January 28, 2019

Pitch Darkness

I thought I had become an expert in packing for a mission trip. I have been on a long mission trip, my 5th year travelling constantly. But I forgot to bring a few essential items with me. I brought back my blanket to KK two weeks ago and it is now cold and rainy season in Namaus. I took a leisurely drive yesterday arriving in the early afternoon. But my tap was dry and I had to wait for about an hour before a student came to fix the problems. My water tank at the back of my house was also empty and  there was no water in sight. In the evening I drove back to Ranau town and decided on buying a sleeping bag as my blanket since I have too many blankets in KK. At 7 pm I returned to Namaus and I wa driving no faster than 50km per hour as the road was pitch dark and I could not even see the road divider or the side of the road except when the cars coming in the opposite direction with their headlights. I felt a sense of relief turning into the campus but I realised it was darker still as we suffered a power outage.
It was pitch darkness and it wasn’t until about 2am that the lights came back on. Thank God a good hearted student brought two candles for me and even a lighter. I praise God in my bed whole night before falling asleep at about 10pm. I am amazed that I had survived 3 full years in this place. Even now my house is almost inhabitable with leaking roof and dirt everywhere. I boil hot water for shower as the water heater broke down last year and it is just too cumbersome to get it repaired for a few days. I have 3 more days here and making most of it. Sad to say there are only 4 students in my class. During tea break I went to the campus cafe run by the Principal’s family and the daughter and son served us. I spent about 20 mins chatting with students until I resumed my class.

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