Friday, January 25, 2019

One Last Chapter

Within this period of 4 years I have to bid goodbye for the third time. I seem to major in moving one place to another. Lord You know my wanderings and my tears are not hidden from You. The first time was saying goodbye to my Ranau church in March 2016. Then three months later  I said goodbye to my College community after my short stint as Acting Principal before being sent back to the College in the middle of the second Semester. Now another chapter is about to be closed with a third goodbye to my College though this time I will leave without fanfare. Maybe I will just go out for lunch or dinner with my 4 students in my NT theology class.
They are in a ride of their lives as I prepared tons of notes, three times more than I normally do for my classes, perhaps because I have had these 2 months without day to day ministry. I am also revising my last chapter of my book and I might just shop around for a publisher in Singapore when I go there in 10 days’ time. But it may not see the light of day though I will keep writing because I know when the time is right the Lord will show forth one’s righteousness like the light of noonday. At least I hope my posterity, my grandchildren if God so wills it, will read it and per chance catch a portion of the Spirit that is on their grandfather.

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