Thursday, January 10, 2019

Travails & Triumph

Amidst my travails and uncertainty of the future, the Lord showered me with much comfort. First, I realised if the anointing to preach His Word is present that is the most important thing. Without the anointing, all is gone. No position or wealth can buy God’s power. He anoints whom He chooses to do His bidding. I am also comforted that my book continues to create waves worldwide. One recent book published by Cascade Books just a few months ago “Models of Premillennialism” cites me and my book as the torch bearer of Asian renaissance of the historical premillennialism within scholarship and especially in South Korea which has 300 NT scholars with PhD.
It is a triumph in the midst of travails. Online websites consistently rank my book in the top 20 of special studies in Revelation. And much to my surprise today my blog is read yesterday in all five continents including Africa and South America. Even the 6th continent Australia is seen from time to time. As Paul says though he is unknown as if hidden from the world he is also known all around the world. In dishonour and also in good reputation at the same time. That is the paradox of faith and  contradictions all servants of God go through, prepared to suffer for the sake of the Gospel and stand mightily for the truth.

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