Sunday, January 13, 2019

Riding on the Clouds

Early this morning at 6.30am I started my journey from KK to my former place of ministry and reached the Chapel at 8.45am just as they were singing the opening worship song. I was slightly late for Sunday service because thick fog blocked my way twice, first on the way up Tamparuli Hills and then from Bundu Tuhan to Kundasang past the foot of Mount Kinabalu. When I was driving up Tamparuli Hills, I saw the clouds covering the valleys below. For a moment I was above the clouds and in the midst of the clouds. Brought along the wind or spirit within the wheels of my car I sped along as if riding on the clouds.
It was a surreal experience even though I had driven up and down Ranau more than 200 times in the past 4 years. Most students were delighted to see me at the service. Orientation week had finished and it was Sunday before lectures commence tomorrow. The preacher, a 4th year student and Chairman of the Students' Council greeted me before he started his sermon. It appears that he was asked to preach only yesterday though I saw two of my colleagues present at Chapel. As the Chaplain for the past 2 years my greatest difficulty was to get my colleagues to preach even if it was only once in 2 months. After the student finished preaching he asked me to pray at the closure of the ministry of the Word. I went up to the pulpit to pray for one last time. The female student who gave the announcements on behalf of the Student Council also welcomed me and it was most encouraging that at my leaving the College, my labours of love for my students are surely bearing fruits. I decided to go up to the College to bring my books back to KK. I was afraid that in a fortnight's time when I teach my final intensive course I won't have time or space in my car to get every thing out on time.

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