Saturday, January 12, 2019

Work b4 Play

My wife and I are planning a vacation somewhere nice this Lunar New Year. Having escaped Christmas ministry by not accepting speaking invitations for the first or second time in my 25 year ministry I will try to escape the busyness surrounding CNY by disappearing for a little while. But before that I am occupied with two speaking engagements. Having spoken last Sunday where 50 people came forward to be prayed for, I am now preparing for a series of lectures on Trinity for a students’ Camp organised for Form 5 and 6 students waiting for their SPM and STPM results. This camp is sponsored by Full Gospel Business Men and I still have friends there who issued me the invitation. Then by the last week of January I will return to Ranau for one last time.
I am teaching one intensive course over 5 days on NT theology and it will give me time to say goodbye to my colleagues and students. Packing up and driving back to KK on my TRITON will not be an easy task. I hurt my elbow for a month by just carrying my wife’s hand luggage from JB to Singapore last October. Reaching mid 50s, one does not want to move around too much and I shall be happy to stay put around KK for the rest of my life.

This morning one elder called me and we met over breakfast. He sought my advice on some church issues. I was District Superintendent in KK for two terms15 years ago and there is still much good will among church leaders here. At that time there were 24 SIB churches in KK and almost half were not constituted according to our SIB constitution and one by one I helped them form the leadership council by election of deacons and elders besides. I know changes have taken place since I went to Singapore 10 years ago but relationships between friends and church leaders remain strong and I am thankful that I am still being sought after for advice and counsel.

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