Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Editing my Book for Publication

Only yesterday I have a measure of confidence that in the next couple of months my book might see the light of day. Yesterday, being the "longest day" (9.9.19, in Chinese 9 means a long time or longevity) I worked for the longest time, about 12 hours. I did not realise my MacBook was running out of battery (5%) warning came up at 11.30pm and I turned off the computer at 11.45pm when it was down to 1%. Never once since I bought my laptop almost 2 years ago I had run out of battery. I had charged it to the full at noon and worked at a cafe since it has been so hot in the past couple of months here in KK. I was busying editing my book, which had sat on my lap for almost 5 years.
I started and finished the first 10 chapters in Sept-Oct 2014 and the last two chapters on my ministry in Ranau in the past 4 years were written just recently. I have asked for a price quotation from a publisher for 300, 500 or 1,000 copies. As it is in English, I will probably go for the lower number. Although my intended audience is worldwide, yet many things I wrote would be beneficial for Malay-speaking Christians, especially in East Malaysia. My instagram follower has asked me when I was going to do a translation to BM.  I have to get the English version out first and perhaps next year I can focus on translating the 200-page long and 94,000-word book. It won't be easy as I am not good at translating so I might out-source to a professional who can do it for me at a fee. I realised how important it is to get things done. It's been 5 years. It's plenty of time to reflect on things. When I read the book again, there is little I want changed. I just put in about 25 photos to highlight the events and incidents that are significant and meaningful to me in the past 25 years of ministry for Christ's sake.

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