Friday, September 20, 2019

Journeying for Jesus

I have come to the stage of my life that I prefer to stay put in one place and not travel. I am now at Kota Belud on the way to Kudat and there is 120km to go on single lane road on the way to Kudat. I am not even a third way there but already feeling the heat literally and spiritually. I feel like Peter to whom Jesus said one day you will go where you don’t want to and I am just like that. If not for Jesus I will not want to go. Driving on Sabah roads is a chore and a challenge at the best of times.
Yesterday I got a reply from New Zealand. At least once a year I will try to connect with my former supervisor in New Zealand. I told him that I was looking for ministry opportunities and added that since I am travelling two weeks in a row, I said “I don’t think I will do this for much longer for this form of itinerant ministry takes much stamina and energy”. As long as I feel it is God’s will for me to journey in order to preach His Word I will do so in Christ’s strength for in Him I can do all things. The book I shall be publishing God willing tells of my story of preaching in 100 villages in Sabah. There is still much to do but workers are few.

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