Wednesday, September 4, 2019

New Lease of Life

What a difference one day could make. Yesterday for almost a whole day I was listless: "O my soul why are thou downcast? Praise Him. There is still hope in God". Perhaps two consecutive weeks of ministry and travelling had caught up with me. Now it is not just one day for recovery but sometimes like two or three days before I could get back on my feet and my mind regains equilibrium. Now I have more than 2 weeks break before my Kudat trip and after that another preaching engagement to attend to. But last night I was given a new lease of life.
Since December last year I have been praying and wondering what I would be doing in the future. It is by no means clear. But I believe very soon my plans for 2020 will come to being. Life and the meaning of life goes into the purpose of living. A significant and purposeful life is a life worth living. All of us must have a mission and aims in life. This morning I read about Jeremiah's calling. For the first part he was but a youth like when I first started full-time ministry as a youthful 30-year old. Now the second part as Jeremiah's calling: "I have appointed you a prophet to the nations". Perhaps it is not just raising up the tribes of Israel (Borneo), but like the Isaianic prophet that he should be a light to the nations, even salvation to the ends of the earth" (Isaiah 49:6). Israel has heard Jeremiah's prophecy and the prophet will now turn to the nations.

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