Thursday, September 19, 2019

Travelling Again

It's been almost four weeks since I travelled to Ranau for a long weekend of preaching and seminar. Tomorrow I will travel again to the north. A leisurely drive will take 3.5 hours. It is a long weekend with preaching tomorrow night and Sunday with a full day seminar on Saturday. May the Lord Jesus grant me strength to do this. In the past fortnight I have been immersed into my book and my hope of getting it to the publishers did not materialise. But I am happy what I have done and it is about ready. Interestingly, I received invitations to teach from two local seminaries as visiting lecturer next year. I have already turned one down, partly because my schedule for next year is uncertain. I have several plans in mind but may the Lord's purpose be done.
I have applied for a short writing scholarship overseas and even if I finish this writing project, I am also writing a commentary on John which I stopped at ch. 12. I hope to restart it next month. Then Song of Songs has also engaged me for a couple of months early this year and I will be revisiting it as I read more commentaries and books on it. After the Kudat trip I will go to the South next week for two sessions. Another 3 hours' drive. How I wish I had a driver or a friend who will keep me company on these journeys. It is a combined meeting organised by the Men's fellowship (Wira) and I pray for a large turnout, as normally women's events tend to be more organised and with better attendance all round. It is a paradox in SIB that most (99%) of senior leaders are men, but women tend to take the initiative and most churches without them could not function. Two Sundays ago I visited a church in KK and I sat at the back near the door and a rough count was that out of 10 people who came in, at least 7 were women. Where are the men? Especially the young men?

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