Saturday, September 14, 2019

Pulau Banggi

I thought I had reached my last frontier in my interior ministry 3 years ago when I went to Long Mio and Long Pasia, near the Kalimantan Border with Sabah. Then, I had gone to Pitas up north slightly east of Kudat, being the most northern town of Sabah. But a few days ago, I received an invitation to preach a series of KKR, revival meetings in Pulau Banggi, an island north of Kudat. It is not a place I plan to go, though I have great burden for the place. As Treasurer-General of SIB 23 years ago, we started evangelising in the island, an hour ferry ride from Kudat and now we have 4 or 5 SIB churches there. My home-church supported the mission there for more than a decade and when I was pastor in KK, I hosted the pastor whom we sponsored there several times when he came down to KK from Bangi Island.
But do I have the strength and energy to make a journey into the most remote part of Sabah? Can I take a ferry for one hour without getting sea-sick? I realised as I was completing my book that mission work is really for young people. I was 30 years old and for four years until I was 34 years I travelled into more than 70 villages preaching more than 330 times in years. Now I am in my mid-fifties. The priests of old have long retired from active service when they turn 50 (Numbers 4). I told my Instagram followers that mission is for the young and energetic to enter the Lord's field. When I was 30 years old I was brave enough to bath in the cold Kedamaian river in the first year of my mission work. In my second year after being elected Treasurer I bathed in the Padas river in my first interior trip in April 1996. Lord do You want me to go to Pulau Banggi? 

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