Sunday, September 8, 2019

Have I found my True Calling?

Perhaps I have finally found my calling. Going where I please or spiritually speaking, where the Lord commands or leads. This morning I went to visit a church which I had not visited for 14 years, since the time I was district Superintendent in KK. I took about 30 minutes to locate the church. It was located in a shoplot but the township in Penampang had grown so much in the past decade that it was hardly recognisable. I went in late as the preacher was starting his message. When it ended the leaders came up to greet me. Even as the closing prayer was said, the Deputy Chair asked me whether I wanted to say anything to the congregation. I said no but it was a real honour for him to ask. Apparently, he attended the eldership seminar where I spoke in Tenom last May. Later two pastors who serve in the church joined us for morning drinks before the 2nd service. I went back up the Hall as I told the church leaders that I would only attend the worship segment as I had already heard the sermon in the first service. When I went home, I realised that I still retain much goodwill among KK churches and many interior churches.
Last week I was in Kota Belud where blessings upon blessings pursued me. For the first time, I received a substantial amount of love offerings from about 8 or 9 church members and the pastor the next day called and said another church member left a sum of money for me. Not once I indicated that I was in need but it was a way for them to show how much they loved and supported my ministry. I was mightily encouraged. In the past couple of days, a number of invitations came through. I thought perhaps the trip to Sipitang at the end of the month might not happen but the letter came just as I thought I had a free weekend. Now I had to preach 4 messages from 20th Sept (twice in Kudat and twice in Sipitang) and a whole day long End-time seminar. Literally I will travelling up North and then deep South of the State of Sabah.

Sometimes I felt that the question whether I have a ministry does not arise (Di mana pelayanan pastor sekarang? which in English is translated as "Where is your place of ministry now pastor?"). I could easily say that my place of ministry is where the Lord wants me to be. At home, I keep writing. I am working on three projects at the same time. Soon I have to write two more papers for two Conferences next year, one in Malaysia and another in Europe. Whether I go or not, I will keep working as it keeps my scholarship juices running and academic fervour alive. Perhaps, one day I will publish my book, titled - "Select Essays on the Bible - both OT and NT". In November, God willing, I shall be going to another place, a historical place for the Kadazan-Dusun people in Nunuk Ragang. If the schedule permits, I may stop over in Ranau for the College's graduation just to attend my students' graduation, those whom I taught in January this year on NT Theology.

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