Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Between Two Institutions

In all my life as a Christian full-time worker, I have been employed by only two institutions, my former College in Singapore and my Sabah's Church which I belong to and became member since my return from New Zealand to Sabah in 1988. In total, I served this Church more than 21 years and preached in over 120 churches in more than 30 Districts throughout the State. Since I left Singapore in 2014 after 6 years of service, I had been invited back for the TTC's 70th anniversary dinner in 2018 and afforded free accommodation for three days in my former apartment. I have been invited to attend twice online services in honour of the former Principal's retirement and then the installation of the new Principal whom I knew for a year plus when he returned from his doctoral study and we had many lunches together. Now for the 72nd TTC graduation I received an invitation to attend the service online. All these at the very least shows the former and current College leadership still wanting to keep in touch with former faculty and in more ways than one, honouring those who had served among them. I think when I looked at my first Faculty photo, I remembered towards the end of my time there, one colleague testified openly in Chapel how he was touched and that he wept at my preaching during TTC Prayer Day 2013 when I preached 4 consecutive sermons while joining prayers throughout the day. One thing I will do and I know it is only right in God's sight is to remember former workers especially former leaders and those who have sacrificed for the cause and the growth of the Church. I would not want to let them feel that they are abandoned and no longer remembered. Just like King David who repaid Jonathan's loyalty and love to him when he was persecuted by King Saul. Christians do well when we put others before ourselves and esteem others more highly as the apostle Paul taught. 

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