Friday, April 8, 2022

"He will never leave the Temple" (Rev 3:12)

One of the promises that Jesus promised the overcomers in the book of Revelation is that they would be made pillars in the new Temple of God and they will never leave the Temple. I shared this verse with my leaders in my last Council meeting (elders and deacons) and I told them as a pastor I should not have to leave the church. I saw no reason why a shepherd had to leave his flock. "I have not run away from being a shepherd" (Jer 17). We must find a way like Daniel and his friends who did not just accept the king's dictates but asked for time so that they could pray for wisdom from God.

How leaders need wisdom from on high instead of acting rashly and casting out the persons or God's children who should not leave the temple because in Christ, they are overcomers. They have no excuse as my last sermon was focused on the new Temple shown in Ezekiel 40-48. I preached from Ezek 44-46 in my last sermon before being compelled to leave. In Ezek 44, it was the prince who was granted entry into God's Temple, from the East gate and he alone sat there, eating bread before the Lord. And the glory of the Lord returned to the Temple when the Prince does his job of having communion with the God of Israel. Why do we feel God's presence in church? Because it is the anointing that flows, especially when leaders are in sync with the Lord. Psalm 133 says that the anointing oil from the head of Aaron to his robes and it is then God will send a blessing when brothers stay united. 

How can one say they have done right since they have cast out the one who led them for 21 months through good and bad times? There were many warnings. Many ministries were done during the most difficult of times. The Love and Marriage seminar was held face and face and blessed more than 90 participants on the day. Full house. Full house in church on Sundays whenever the doors of the church were opened while other churches remained shut due to fear of Covid19. Now they opened again because they trust in the arms of flesh but some had to close again when God sent the pestilence in their midst and many leaders fell ill. But alas they do not know the fear of the Lord and have no regard for Him. Even when His discipling hand is upon them, they know not. They soldier on as if everything is normal. These are the people whose works will be burnt up in the last day though their souls may be saved (1 Cor 3) because they perceive not the Lord's works and reject the righteous and the wise sent to them. 

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